Add members to a group from a CSV file

Now you can import users into a group quickly and easily.

Before this you had to add members one by one to a specific group in order to manage permissions.


Now you can include all email addresses to be imported to a group from a file. Access to the group and select “Add users from file”. Import here your csv file with your email contacts.

If you check “Send invitations to non registered users” your first *100 contacts will receive automatically an email from our system with an invitation to become Prot-On users.
It is not necessary that your contacts register in Prot-On prior to being able to give them permissions. You can give permissions to an email address and when that person has registered, he/she will be able to access the document.

Add Groups

*In order to avoid spam Prot-On will only send invitations to the first 100 contacts.