Apps for protecting privacy

In the last two months thousands of private pictures of celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice or Wynona Ryder and also anonymous users have been disclosed and made available to anyone that wants to watch them. That has happened to different services: iCloud, Snapchat…. A new one has been published today that affects Dropbox users.

We are getting used to the fact that every once in a while there is a new case where the most confidential information is disclosed by either hackers or just third parties. We all remember the cases of Scarlett Johansson or the leak of passwords at Yahoo, Hartbleed Bug

So, why do we still expose our privacy on the net? Until it happens to me, I will not do anything? Do we care about our private photos or documents being leaked and exposed to anyone?

We have all lived the situation where we are up to send a picture to someone from our smartphone and hesitated, What if this picture ends up in someone else´s hands? We just take the risk and send it together with a phrase: Do not resend to anyone. That advice is seldom followed.

Last year a report was published that showed that 63% of send confidential information on the Internet without any kind of protection. Why this percentage is so high? Is there no tools to decrease this number?


The first question is: Do you change your passwords on social networks, cloud storage, email services?

If you don´t, do it at least once a quarter, it does not take long and will save you from unpleasant situations

The second question is : have you looked for an app that you can trust to easily protect what you send on the net?

Here we show you a tool created in Spain that will let you have control on your files wherever they are. They have been the winners in Europe as the best Security tool at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2014.

Prot-On is a solution thought for all types of users, individuals, professionals and corporations. It lets you protect any file your share on the Internet and set its access rights. With Prot-On, the owner decides who, when, how, and what for, someone can access his/her documents or pictures, on any copy. The owner can also know the access activity on any of the copies of the file, wherever they are. You can download free for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

Privacy today is on each users hands.