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Prot-On provides an ideal complement to a wide range of applications because it provides security and solves a very common problem in the market today: how to protect confidential information shared on the internet or in the cloud. Our partner program offers different ways to work with Prot-On, all of them designed to provide maximum benefit for the partner.

At Prot-On we consider our partners an essential part of our team and we provide them with the tools they need to become more competitive and profitable. Our solution is easy to sell, has a short sales cycle and offers very attractive margins.

Types of Partners

Prot-On offers three levels of partnership:

1. Referral

• The Referral partner sells our solution but does not provide customer support. The customer buys the solution directly through the Prot-On web page using a promotion code provided by the Referral partner and the partner receives a commission on each sale.
• The Referral partner is usually a freelance technical consultant or technical support engineer, an association or a small company dedicated to providing computer sales and services to small and medium sized businesses.


2. Reseller

• The Reseller sells our solution directly to the customer and also provides customer support.
• The Reseller partner is usually a company that is already selling industry specific applications or infrastructure and security solutions to medium to large sized organizations. They may also be companies that offer “Software as a Service”, or solutions based in the cloud, as Prot-On can add the extra level of security companies require when purchasing cloud based solutions.


3. Integrador

• The integrator can sell the software license for its installation on-premises and integration in the client environment.
• The integrator is usually a reseller and/or systems integrator who is used to selling and integrating security and infrastructure solutions in large enterprises and multinational organizations.


4. Service Provider

• The Service Provider purchases a software license with a set number of user licenses in order to install it within their infrastructure and offer co-branded services to their clients.
• The Service Provider is usually a Telecommunications firm, a company offering Security Operations Center (SOC) services , or a company already offering Cloud Based applications to their clients.

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