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Company Description

AnaliTICs21 is a consulting firm, which helps companies with the creation of Information Security Management Systems and the training required for the successful conclusion of any TIC Security project.

Business need

Security is no longer viewed as a walled system. Nowadays, it is essential that information flows both internally and externally for a company with its own integrated security, just as photos, documents or texts have their own formats. Companies and professionals increasingly look to AnaliTICs21 for support, training and simple economic solutions in order to incorporate security into their infrastructures.


Information security increases in the world of quality, as with the new Annex SL with ISO integration. Documentation systems are not separate from risk management and treatment, and it’s here where Prot-On is essential.

Prot-On enables companies to easily protect sensitive data shared both internally and externally, without altering employee work processes. The alternative now, is the ability to protect these documents by building a virtual wall around them, but not around the company or each device. This provides a powerful competitive weapon so that companies can grow their business while reducing the risk of loss of information.

“Using this simple IRM enables any type of company and professional to control their documents regardless of where they are. Furthermore, it can be used from any device required for your job and its use is standard for anyone who needs it”.
Julián Perez, AnaliTICs21
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