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Distribute literary works with intellectual property protection.

Editorial Arco

Company Description

Arco Libros-La Muralla, S. L. is a Spanish publishing company which has been publishing works in the following disciplines since 1966: pedagogy, statistics, Hispanic philology, linguistics, history, library science and art history.

Business need

The publisher is making a large amount of its works available to its customers in PDF format. With the intention of preventing possible misuse of its digital archive, a situation that would be harmful to the publisher, it has decided to use a security tool, which would help protect its works from possible illegal copying.


Arco Libros – La Muralla, S. L. has been using Prot-On for the past two years in order to protect the sale of its digital books. The user makes a purchase from the Arco Libros – La Muralla, S. L. e-commerce platform and with the same email address with which the purchase was made, they acquire read-only permission for the PDF obtained. This user will never be able to print or copy the digital book but they will be able to access the file as many times as they wish from their computer (PC or Mac) or from any other electronic device, such as a smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS, BlackBerry). If the reader has no internet connection for a period of time, there is also the option of accessing the file offline through an internet request.

“For the past two years we have distributed our digital books using Prot-On. So far, we are very satisfied with the service provided, which meets our expectations.”
Arco Libros-La Muralla, S.L
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