Financer Training

A leakage of content through the Internet is a serious risk in these kind of educational schools

Financer Training

Company Description

Financer Training (Financial Certifications Training) is a company founded in 2014 which provides financial certification training. Training consists of the development of teaching materials, both theoretical manuals as well as exercise manuals, in addition to in-company training.

Business need

The teaching materials are distributed each year among students who wish to complement their stock market studies with financial certifications (CMT, CFA, CAIA, CFTe, etc.).

For these courses, materials are distributed in PDF format, therefore leakage of content through the Internet is a serious risk for this training school.

Any user accessing these courses can distribute the syllabus over the internet without any repercussions or punishment for illegal copying.


For the past two years, Financer Training has distributed its teaching materials securely.

All documentation sent to its students is protected using Prot-On with read-only permission. Students may request printed versions of all documentation if required, but online versions have read-only permission. This can be accessed very easily from a PC (Windows, Mac), Smartphone (Android, iOS and BlackBerry) in addition to an offline access mode option, without needing to change your work method, as if with a normal PDF.

“This tool has been very useful in ensuring that our material is used legally”.
Alexey De La Loma, Financer Training
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