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Financial firms protect information downloaded from their corporate systems

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Financial firms, have stringent safety requirements and are heavily regulated by national and international legislation.

Structured information, which is at the core of their businesses, is stored on their databases. Structured information is defined as interrelated data stored in database tables and fields.

Frequently, marketing and business strategy departments must download this data locally for analysis and/or filtering using Excel spreadsheets in order to design marketing and product campaigns, etc., with all of the flexibility offered by an Excel file. These Excel spreadsheets or reports are downloaded from the corporate applications themselves, thus losing all security and control regarding access and use of the information.


For the past several years, many companies requiring this security have used Prot-On in order to protect these Excel files downloaded and generated from the structured databases.

Therefore, they use the functionality of “Protonized” folders in a file server. This type of use means that the data extraction batch processes store the Excel files generated in a folder shared on the network. The folder itself is “Protonized” by a user of Prot-On, which is installed on the file server, so that any Excel file placed in the folder is immediately protected under the specified folder access permissions.

Therefore, users accessing the shared folder find that the Excel files are protected, which only users with suitable Prot-On permissions able to access them. Although these files may be copied to another folder, external USB flash drive or sent via email, the security “travels” with the document, preventing any leaks of information originally stored on the databases.

Thanks to Prot-On, access security and control present in corporate databases extends to files and reports generated from this data.

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