Geotecnia & Cimentaciones S.A.S.

Encrypted information with permissions and privileges for intellectual property

Geotecnia & Cimentaciones

Company Description

Geotecnia & Cimentaciones is a Colombian company that provides high quality specialized services in the fields of geotechnical engineering, soil and rock mechanics and foundation engineering, offering its clients a complete range of geotechnical services with cutting edge technology that can help to carry out the many stages of a project, including design and consulting, auditing and advice during construction.

Business need

Protecting information is vital as it is the organization’s most important intangible asset. The information created at Geotecnia & Cimentaciones S.A.S. is the company’s Intellectual Property and all rights are reserved against any possible reproductions or misuses of its content. The prevention of information leaks and tracking of documents for our daily operation and records is also essential.

The company is governed by data transparency and veracity. It has the technical, human and administrative treatment necessary to make information secure, avoiding any type of alteration, loss, query, unauthorized or fraudulent access.

All the information aimed at clients, suppliers and civil servants, such as proposals, project reports, monitoring, etc. must be encrypted with permissions and privileges according to the level of confidentiality and completeness previously defined by the Management and Systems Department.


After evaluating various encryption, data protection, etc. systems that fit our needs for a product that was portable and offered tracking and scaling, we found Prot-On, a tool with easy and user friendly web administration, as well as various document permissions options, the possibility of setting a use expiration date or watermarks for documents, access to the console using mobile devices and different plug-ins, including AutoCAD developed for the version we are currently using at the company, with the possibility to install updates and improvements according to the needs of the company and the sector we belong to.

The Prot-On tool allows Geotecnia y Cimentaciones S.A.S. to protect its information using encryption and the access permissions generated according to the vulnerability and risk that arises when giving the data to the type of user that wants to access it.

You can generate reports for documents, users and events that are easy to interpret and export to a spreadsheet. In addition, you can generate groups such as trust circles to separate the permissions that have been granted to other users or groups created for documents.

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