Julián Pérez, founding of ADADAE

The authors decide who can read, print and even copy their works, without having to pay any royalties


Company Description

Julián Pérez, founding member of the Association of Friends of Educational Chess (ADADAE), currently works with a team of professionals who design the new model “Los 7 colores del Ajedrez Educativo” (7 Colors of Educational Chess). A new line of work after the European Parliament’s proposal to introduce chess in schools in 2012, and which is currently being defined in educational lines offered by UNED Tudela to parents and teachers in the Spanish-speaking world.

Business need

Based on his collaboration with different organizations, Julián has authored several books on chess, including “Ajedrez para mamás, papás y docentes” (Chess for Moms, Dads and Teachers) and the collection “Los 7 colores del Ajedrez Educativo – 7 niveles, del blanco al negro” (The 7 Colors of Educational Chess – 7 Levels, from White to Black), which are distributed online, requiring maximum protection in order to prevent illegal copying.

Currently, book piracy is one of the major concerns of the publishing industry and authors, as it is the sector which has undergone the most technological change in recent years.


Seeking solutions, which serve to prevent illegal copying of his works and only finding costly DRM, Julián opted for Prot-On, a very simple and inexpensive solution.

Through online book sales, Prot-On enables him to decide at any given moment who, when and for what purpose his books may be accessed, while obtaining details regarding their use.

Furthermore, through this tool, readers require no more than a user account in order to access each book using any device.

“For the first time, authors may decide at any given moment, who can read, print and copy their work, without having to pay any royalties for copies sold on platforms such as Amazon or Apple.”
Julián Pérez
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