Sanitrade S.L

Share sensitive information on customer portfolio minimizing the risk of leakage


Company Description

Sanitrade S.L is a Spanish company founded in 1993 and specialized in distribution of products for Public Health and Food Industry, protection of stored grain, plant protection products and gardening. Its goal is to provide the most advanced products and techniques in this field, the most effective and, at the same time, the most respectful with the environment.

Business Need

Sanitrade needs to share every month with the Sales Department all the sales reports and customer data that they require to improve customer management, analyze deviations, plan visits, etc. This information is company confidential and therefore it is important that the information can be used for performing the job but cannot be taken anywhere else.
It is vital for the correct flow of the internal management process that this business information do not reach any unauthorized third party.


SANITRADE uses Prot-On to protect Excel documents shared with the sales department. Prot-On is very useful to reduce to a minimum the risk of leaks to external parties while sharing this sensitive information.
For any distribution company like Sanitrade, the customer base and client portfolio information is its most valuable asset and limiting that this information can go out of the team is vital.

Inés Rodríguez, Managing Director.

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