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Protection of information shared among the different departments of an organization

Secure & IT

Company Description

Secure&IT is a company specialized in cybersecurity and standard compliance, whose objective is to work with companies and organizations to reduce information risks through the implementation of security processes, information security systems, lawful compliance with TIC and SOC security management.

Business need

Given its activity, Secure&IT maintains a lot of confidential client information, from legal documents to network equipment and systems configuration and, through its SOC activity, information regarding vulnerabilities, security impacts, logging, etc.

This information is stored in multiple formats (MS Office, images, videos, etc.) and must be shared among different departments of the company (technicians, process experts, lawyers, etc.) with the assurance that it doesn’t unduly end up in the hands of third parties..


Secure&IT verified the benefits provided by Prot-On, including the security and flexibility offered by the solution. The company benefits from knowing that its documentation is secure, regardless of where it is or how many copies have been made and knowing that it can use the audit reports in order to see how the documents are being used. In the company, all employees have read-only permission for their documents, but only administrators have full control rights.

Currently, protected information is also exchanged with third parties (clients, suppliers and partners). Confidential information sent in these environments is protected with read-only permission while activating strict audit control. Only in special circumstances and at the management’s discretion, copy permission is granted in order to convert them to “owners” of the document.

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