Textos Digitales Para Secundaria

Only readers who have purchased a book can use it


Company Description

Textos Digitales Para Secundaria, (Digital Texts for Secondary Education) is an e-commerce website where you can find new educational and teaching digital text resources relating to vocational education, under the direction of Dr. Apolinar García, a prominent name in America for authoring texts oriented toward secondary education.

Business need

Textos Digitales para Secundaria offers readers educational e-books in PDF format oriented toward teaching and learning for secondary education, tertiary institutions and universities. Texts designed for insertion into the job market, which run a constant risk of illegal copying of the author’s work as well as unauthorized use by third parties. Therefore, a service is required that ensures that only the purchaser can use the educational book acquired through the website.


Prot-On is the tool which provides this necessary assurance. Currently, these educational PDFs are protected by Prot-On so that only authorized persons can use them.

Once a user has purchased a book from textosdigitalesparasecundaria.com, this makes them a Prot-On user and Textos Digitales then authorizes read-only and printing permissions, as required, so that the customer can never make illegal copies of the purchased document.

Furthermore, to ensure that users do not share usernames and passwords in order to access the book, there is a feature which limits user devices, thus obtaining greater security and control over the use of the digital text.

“Now there is a secure and inexpensive tool which protects the works of our authors and the rights of our customers.”
Textos Digitales Para Secundaria
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