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Learning centers protect their teaching material to monitor their circulation

the new kids club

Company Description

The New Kids Club is a network of franchise learning centers which, thanks to a great deal of innovation in teaching methods, technology and procedures, has become a leading provider of English teaching services. Its method, “The New Kids Club Method” introduces aspects such as academic reinforcement, the playroom, holiday activities throughout the year, educational psychology, etc., all designed for children between the ages of one and sixteen.

Business need

Schools are highly digitalized and The New Kids Club needs to protect the information that is critical for its business from possible unfair practices by the teachers, assistants and students who have access to the company’s information and could use it illegally.

Additionally, an increasing number of schools use cloud storage services so that tutorials, exams and additional resources can be accessed from any computer in the center. This means that this material is exposed to information leaks, so a tool is necessary to prevent third parties from being able to access it without the center’s permissions.

Furthermore, to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, the pupils’ academic information and their personal details need to be encrypted and distribution control is necessary to make sure that they are only used by authorized individuals.


For two years The New Kids Club has been using Prot-On to manage the security of all of its documents, both for the administrative functions and teaching materials used. Given the level of digitalization of all of its information and the dispersal inherent to the franchise model, The New Kids Club not only requires robust protection of the documents that it shares on the network, but also monitoring and control of their circulation.

Prot-On allows TNKC to protect its documents by encrypting them and managing the permissions to access these documents. Therefore, even after a file has been shared or while it is in the cloud, you can prevent it from being accessed again or decide for how long it can be used. You can grant or remove permissions to edit , print or copy it in real time. This means that the company always has ownership of the information it shares: every time that a user (pupil, teacher, etc.) tries to access a protected document, Prot-On checks if they are authorized to do so and gives them access to the document, only for what they are strictly authorized to do. Moreover, a record is kept of each document’s activity, detailing who accessed it, when and where from…

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