Why Prot-On?

Prot-On for enterprises

Why use Prot-On in your enterprise?

  • Communicate securely with third parties: partners, service providers, customers auditors, consultants,… through any channel: email, cloud storage, …
  • Protect key confidential information and prevent potential leaks done by former or dishonest employees and any external collaborators.
  • Comply with Data Protection Laws in a simple way.
  • Gain access to your document repository from anywhere with total security.
  • Protect your digital assets from illegal copies.

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Why use Prot-On if your are a professional?

  • Share ideas or presentations with trusted parties without fear of losing intellectual property.
  • Track who and when have used your online books, guides or tutorials.
  • Protect work against unauthorized use. Prevent unwanted content forwarding.
  • Avoid leaks while sharing files with outsourced functions: printing, translation…
  • Upload collaborative documents to the cloud services securely.
  • Send proposals to clients securely
Prot-On for proffesionals
Free users Prot-On

Prot-On free for Home Users

  • Control personal or professionals photos and videos.
  • Use cloud storage with total security, ensuring unauthorized people cannot gain access to your files.
  • Share projects, proposals, designs..etc ensuring that only the authorized recipients will access them.
  • Disable access to contents at any time and from any device.
  • Protect works from unauthorized copies avoiding loss of Intellectual Property.

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Why Prot-On is the best solution?

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