Data loss prevention for enterprises

As you know, the basic functions of the Prot-On software are free of charge for individuals or professional users that want to control the files they send across the network, preventing the intellectual property of designers, writers, teachers, musicians, photographers, etc. from being violated. With Prot-On software you can choose and identify the people who access your documents, regardless of where they are.

With the latest IRM, the company will be the “owner” of the documents, not the user that protects them.

In a corporate environment, Prot-On is the perfect tool to make it easier to adopt “Cloud Computing” solutions, maintaining control over the management of your information security, as well as greatly assisting compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, a pending issue for SMEs in particular. Prot-On is also very useful for companies that have experienced or could experience information leaks (consciously or unconsciously) by employees, ex-employees or partners.

Data Loss  Prevention Software

Advantages of protecting your company data with Prot-On:

  • It is the only tool that is free to use for individuals and with a very low cost for professionals and companies. It can be used in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode or installed at the client’s premises.
  • Functional and easy to use, orientated towards all users on all platforms.
  • All the services and servers are interoperable, guaranteeing the compatibility and effectiveness of users and rights when exchanging protected documents.
  • Available on the main platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberry).
  • Protection and control of many file formats (Ms-Office, PDF, AutoCAD, emails, texts, images, audios, videos).
  • Prot-On is available on the main storage systems: Dropbox, Box, ownCloud and Google Drive. It also has an integration API so that companies can integrate Prot-On with their own systems.

How does the Prot-On solution work at companies?

If you already use the free version of Prot-On and you have access to the main functions, you can create a company environment and be the administrator.

Control User Software

Advantages of being the administrator of a Prot-On corporate service:

  • You can manage (for example in the case of employees who have left the company, leaving protected documents, etc.) the protection of documents covered by any of the employees
  • Track document activity and manage permissions for users inside and outside your enterprise
  • Create work groups (human resources, accounting, external workers…)
  • Manage or export reports of any activities of documents sorted by author, date, document name etc.

Log de Actividad

If you want to find out more about how this service works, watch the following 3 minute video, telling you all about the main functions of Prot-On for companies. A very simple service to implement and use that does not require changes in employees’ work processes.

What type of companies use Prot-On?

Prot-On is a solution that can be used in any industry or sector which needs to protect the information it stores or shares with internal (workers, managers, partners) or external users (externalized services, clients, etc.).
Here you can find some examples of the benefits and uses of Prot-On according to the sector you belong to:

Data Leak Prevention solution for the health sector

Data Leak Prevention Solution Legal Sector

Data Leak Prevention Solution for the education sector

Data Leakage Prevention Solution for authors and publishers

Data leak prevention solution for financial sector

Data Leak Prevention for Insurance Companies

Data Leak Prevention solution for Consulting and Auditing Firms

Data Leak Prevention for Pharmaceutical Industry

Data leakage prevention solution for the public sector

Data leak prevention solution for SMEs

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