Prot-On for Enterprises

The enterprise will own the documents,
not the employee who protects them

It enables businesses to easily protect sensitive information shared internally, among its own employees, or externally with customers, suppliers, temporary workers, etc. The company can decide in real time who can access their information, when and what type of access (read, print, edit, etc.), avoiding possible leaks of information and the corresponding loss of reputation or money.

Block Access

Block access to ex-employees or partners

Block access to information when you lose trust. Prevent information leaks by former, partners, unloyal employees, or external parties you lose trust on.

Permissions In Out

Control inside and outside the company

Control information inside and outside the company. Share confidential information safely both inside and outside of your organization or enterprise.


Comply with Data Protection Legislation

Comply with Data Protection Laws easily Comply with the security measures applicable to files according to Data Protection Laws in a simple way.

Prot-On for enterprises

With the Small Business or Corporate service, one or more administrators can manage permissions for all company documents, export reports, block users and their permissions, create work groups etc…

Industries or Sectors

Prot-On is a solution for any type of Organization or Industry. Click here for more information about your sector.

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Small Business

12.5€ / 150€ user per month / year
    • Premium Features all users
    • Manage 1 to 10 users
    • An administrator manage users and documents
    • Export Reports by user, document, date…etc
    • Create work groups
    • API REST Integration
    • Possibility for protecting AutoCAD files


Ask for prices month / year
    • Small Business Features
    • SaaS or On Premises
    • No limit for users in the company domain
    • LDAP/Active Directory Integration
    • Authorized Identity providers (Public and Private)
    • SharePoint, OwnCloud or Drupal Integration
    • Key Recovery
    • Multi-domain Management

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