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Data Protection for authors and publishers

Authors and publishers have suffered most from technological change in recent years due to the increase in Internet piracy affecting most of their publications. There’s nothing simpler than sending a document to somebody else by e-mail to leave its intellectual property exposed.

More than 60% of readers already do so from a digital platform, and publishers need to protect their intellectual property and avoid costly DRM without having to pay anti-piracy fees.

Prot-On can help you to:

  • Allow collaborative work and proofreading to be done without fear of contents being copied illegally.
  • Distribute literary works with intellectual property protection. Prevent your works from falling into the hands of third parties without your consent.
  • Send promotional contents with protected endings, which can be accessed through prepayment methods. (For instance, an unencrypted novel whose ending is protected by Prot-On. If you’re interested in knowing it, you have to pay the author).
  • Protect works from unauthorized copies.
  • Avoid leaks while sharing files with outsourced functions: printing, translation…
  • Manage a work’s availability timescales by deciding in advance the date and time from which a document will be accessible or inaccessible.
  • Track who and when have used our online books, guides or tutorials.

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Protect folders with books, guides, tutorials and share it with your readers…

Permissions Publishing

Grant or revoke read, print, edit, copy permissions for groups or users

Groups Publishing

Create working groups to assign specific permissions to internal or external users

Report publishing

Produce and export reports by document, user, date, etc …

Is Prot-On easy to install and use?

Yes, Prot-On is very easy to install and use, ease of use is one of the cornerstones of the Prot-On design. Prot-On may be used by any type of user. Protect is just a click.

Can I send my protected books to customers and readers?

Yes, it is possible to share documents without losing protection with anyone. The recipient only needs to be registered as free Prot-On user and then he will be able to view the document (if the recipient has your permission) with the Prot-On application if he has downloaded it or online using the Drag’n Drop service.

Can I keep my protected files in the cloud?

Yes, you can have your books, guides or any other type of information securely stored in the cloud. You can then share your documents when you need by giving permissions to the recipients and eventually revoking them if required. You can do both actions at any time, even after you have shared the content with the recipients.
Prot-On is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and ownCloud.

Can I integrate Prot-On in my own systems?

Yes, The Prot-On API allows you to integrate Prot-On with your document management systems. The integration will make easy your manage permissions. If you are interesting contact us here.

Services for enterprises

Prot-On has two Enterprise Services: Small Business and Corporate

Check the features here and start to protect your confidencial information in your business

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