Business professionals, protect your intellectual property

If we had to highlight one of the qualities of Prot-On above the others, apart from the fact that its features and usability surpass those of the existing IRM solutions, we would without a doubt select the service it provides to society.

Prot-On is a professional solution, created to solve the needs of business users and corporations, but with a dual aim since its inception of being available to home users for free, showing that the social component of the company is not at odds with its sustainability.

Prot-On’s corporate vision is to become the standard de facto solution for the protection of information shared on the internet. The way to achieve this ambitious goal is to ensure the solution is universal, meaning:

  • 1. The solution works on all types of files: images, PDFs, texts, MS Office documents, emails,..;
  • 2. It is available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.).
  • 3. It is oriented to all types of users and affordable to all, allowing different types of users to interchange information while retaining control over access permissions.
  • The aim is that, similar to what we do when we send out a PDF document, we can send a protected document with confidence the recipient will be able to read it because everyone will have Prot-On installed on their devices, just as today everyone as Adobe Reader installed.

    Ultimately, Prot-On protects the intellectual property of business professionals without forgetting the right to privacy due to each one of us. And it does so with the highest standard of security and in a very simple and intuitive way.