How Prot-On can help GDPR compliance?

The General Regulation of Data Protection, GDPR, will begin to apply on May 25, 2018.
Until that moment, companies and organizations dealing with data must establish technical and organizational measures that allow them to be compliant at the time the Regulation is applicable.

The three main functions of Prot-On are: encryption, permission management, and logging of file activity. These three technical measures have a direct impact on:

  • Mitigating the risks identified during the impact assessments
  • Facilitating the Audit and Certification of processes

The application of encryption and access policies on unstructured information (such as reports, spreadsheets, scanned documents, addresses, videos, etc.) is one of the main technical measures for data protection from design and by default as required by Article 25 of GDPR. These measures should be considered in two scenarios:

  • Prior to structured data storage
  • When extracting consolidated information for its treatment

Prot-On facilitates compliance with the concrete requirements that GDPR imposes on the responsible for treatment:

  • Keep records of data treatment activities
  • Implement technical measures such as encryption to mitigate risks

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Video – What is Prot-On?

Prot-On Key Functionalities:


Encrypt your files

Protect your documents (PDF, Word, Excel…), texts, video, audio or images… All copies of the document will be protected.


Control access

Decide who, when and how (read, print, edit…) someone can access the protected files, wherever they are.


Track document use

At any time you can check the activity log to see who has been accessing any copy of your document.

Why use Prot-On?


Block access to ex-employees or partners

Block access to information when you lose trust. Prevent information leaks by former, partners, unloyal employees, or external parties you lose trust on.

Extern and Intern Permissions

Control inside and outside

Control information inside and outside the company. Share confidential information safely both inside and outside of your organization or enterprise.

Protect Folder

Protect Files in the Cloud

Protect information in your Cloud services: Dropbox, Google Drive, OwnCloud, OneDrive, Box … etc. Even after the document has been shared.

Prot-On Testimonies

“SANITRADE uses Prot-On to protect Excel documents shared with the sales department. Prot-On is very useful to reduce to a minimum the risk of leaks to external parties while sharing this sensitive information”.
Sanitrade S.L
“The Management was aware that something beyond a simple encryption tool was needed to protect the information. Aspects such as the definition and approval of policies that would support the Management commitment were necessary. We discovered Prot-On with a functionality that we did not find in other market solutions and appsec posed a differential deployment methodology.”
Colorker S.A
“The Prot-On functionality makes my life much easier. You can quickly see where we are in the workflow, and it allows our representatives and employees to stay on top of deal progress. It’s a great tool for relieving our teams from the mundane administrative tasks so they can focus on increasing deal velocity.”
Bridge Capital Associates, Inc
“Using this simple IRM enables any type of company and professional to control their documents regardless of where they are. Furthermore, it can be used from any device required for your job.”

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