How to encrypt Google Drive files

Prot-On allows you to encrypt your files, decide who and when can access them on Google Drive and track their usage at any time.


Google Drive is a personal cloud storage service from Google that lets you store and access your files from anywhere.

Cloud services are widely used today because they allow us to collaborate with other users remotely. This presents a higher risk of data leaks that need to be addressed. Do you really trust that your information will not be seen by others without your permission?

I would like to recommend the free Prot-On app. It is now available in the Google Drive store, Prot-On allows you to encrypt your files on Google Drive and lets you decide when, what for, and who can open the file and access the content. You can also see the activities done on each file.

Google Drive App

With this app you can encrypt MS-Office documents, PDF, text, images directly from Google Drive by just choosing “open with Prot-On”. You can protect and overwrite the original file or protect as a copy.

Choose the file that you want to protect, with a right click of the mouse select Prot-On and choose “open with Prot-On”. Open in Google Drive

Once protected, if you open again the file, you can set up the permissions of the file to define who can access it and what can they do (Manage Permissions). You can also see the activities done on each of them (View activity log).

Now you can share public urls, make them available to third parties and keep your information secure by encrypting files on Google Drive with Prot-On.

Click play to watch how to encrypt files on Google Drive with Prot-On