How to prevent risk of information leaks when using cloud storage

If you keep private documents stored in a public cloud services, you are exposed to a risk: an unauthorized person may access your information. This week another case of this kind was made public affecting Dropbox users.


You always keep in the cloud your confidential documents protected with our free application Prot-On.

Prot-On for Dropbox:

Protect File Dropbox

It is very easy, if you have installed the Prot-On app, choose the file and right click on it, then select Prot-On > Protect. A protected copy of your file will be created. From that moment nobody without your explicit permission will be able to open it.

We remind you that you can protect MS-Office documents, PDF, images, text, audio or video files. Also if you are Premium user or Corporate user you can protect folders.

Prot-On for Google Drive:

Download our plugin and keep your protected files without leaving Google Drive. Here you can watch how to use it

Protect Files Google Drive
If you want protect files in OwnCloud or Box, clic this link: Encrypt files in Box or Owncloud