How to protect photographs on the internet

There are many times when a user sends a picture of themselves to someone and then, days or months later, finds the image posted on a website or on a social network without their permission.

Our advice is to always protect your photos with Prot-On before sharing them on the internet.

Prot-On is a free tool that allows you to protect your photos and decide and track who, and when, can access them, regardless of where they are stored. If you regret having sent a picture you can take away access permissions remotely and the recipient will no longer be able to view it.

If you are professional photographer and need to negotiate the price of your work with a newspaper or a magazine, you can send the protected images by internet to allow them to reviewed by the staff and, if you don´t come to an agreement simply take away their permission to access the images and ensure they won´t be used without your consent

Museums, libraries and art galleries can publish high quality photos or scanned manuscripts on the Internet without fearing they will be downloaded illegally.

Another very good use case for Prot-On is that of professional photographers who take hundreds of photos at weddings, baptisms, communions, company meetings, etc. The photographer can post protected images with read permissions for a limited period of time so that the parents, friends, company, or anyone who contracted the work can view them and decide which ones they want to buy or print. Once they’ve decided the photographer can give them additional permissions to download or print.

Como Proteger Fotografías

Protected images in Dropbox

Additionally, with Prot-On can upload protected folders to Dropbox and share them with whom you want making sure that your protected pictures will only be seen to those people you have authorized to do so.

You can use Prot-On on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android, so protect your images wherever you are. Take pictures on your mobile device and keep them protected in order to share them later directly with other Prot-On users, always maintaining control over who can view them.

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