How to protect your emails in Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo…

These days, we all know from the multiple cases of information leaks of emails published in the press that it really doesn’t help much to change your password often or to avoid accessing your email from public places or through public Wifis. In any case, Google recently acknowledged publically that it cannot ensure Gmail is totally confidential, igniting once again heated discussion over the privacy of our emails.

One of the biggest causes of information leaks with emails in the forwarding of these to unauthorized readers. Do you really trust that the recipients of your confidential emails never forward these on to other people?

What do you need to do to make sure this doesn’t happen? Encrypt your email text and attachments…

Read how you can do this very easily and at no cost:

Download the Prot-On application for free on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Once downloaded you will be able to easily encrypt emails from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, …

Send your encrypted email and decide who and when can access it

You can give and remove permissions whenever you want, even after sending your email. In addition you can also decide if it can be printed or not.

Prot-On has a plugin for Explorer and Firefox that lets you encrypt your emails with a single click, all you have to do is select the text you want to protect and right click on “Encrypt text with Prot-On“.

You can also easily protect any attachments to make sure that only the people you authorize can read them. Click on the link below to see how easy it is:

How to protect my files


With the Prot-On plugin for MS Outlook you can do both things at the same time.
Here is a video showing you how to protect your emails