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Information Rights Management

An Information Rights Management (IRM) solution gives you the ability to control your information within the company boundaries and extend this control after the information has been shared outside the company’s secure perimeter. It is like a remote control for your files.

IRM protects information at rest, in transit and also continues to protect and control access to the document when it is in use. Functionality such as preventing screen shots, disallowing the copying of data from the secure document and guarding the information from programmatic attack, are key elements of an effective IRM solution. Control does not stop at access control, it also has the ability to control what actions can be done with the files:


Prot-On is new generation IRM that allows organizations to protect confidential information by encrypting it and letting users manage permissions to it in real time.

It works on any device, supports most file formats and works with any channel to share information (cloud storage, email, USB sticks,..). It also allows the user to track the file use to see who has done any relevant action to the document (read, print, edit,…)


Why an IRM solution for the enterprise?

To advance its business, a company must collaborate with those outside of its enterprise: customers, sub-contractors, consultants, auditors. Secondly, businesses must give employees access to sensitive data and trust that those employees will use that data only for the company´s business purposes.

Collaborating means sharing data, which means risking data loss. The alternative is to protect data by building a virtual wall around it and giving no “outsiders” access to it; but by limiting this valuable and essential collaboration, a company shackles its ability to do business and risks failure.

When considering this paradox it seems companies have two options – neither being ideal: Collaboration and risk loss of data or Security and risk loss of customers and innovation.

An IRM solution provides a third choice. One that balances collaboration and security. It gives a powerful competitive weapon for Enterprises to advance its business while reducing risk of information loss.

A few examples:

Auditing and consulting companies share unreservedly very confidential information. With Prot-On they can control who can see it and for what period of time. Once the time has passed the information will be inaccessible

A major project bid leaves important company information and differential elements of the company’s bid:design, plans, costs, knowledge visible to the client and anyone else with whom they might want to share it. If that information is protected with Prot-On you can ensure that only those authorized to do so can read it.

If medical records are protected with Prot-On it doesn’t matter that the file is within the physical reach of all employees of the hospital or clinic: only those authorized to read or edit the document will be able to do so, thus ensuring compliance with data protection laws.

Government offices share confidential information with citizens and among themselves, information which must be completely secured but easy to access by those authorized to do so. With Prot-On they will be using what has become the standard in document protection.

For Enterprises:

Prot-On has two services for enterprises, check here the features and start to use it.

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