IRM software to prevent data leaks


Data loss prevention software allow you to protect confidential information by encrypting files and assigning user permissions to them.

The recent revelations to the press by Richard Snowden at the CIA have shown us all just how real security issues on the internet are: thousands of conversations were intercepted both on social networks and through email.

The latest information we have shows that, after the Snowden case, more and more companies are looking at and turning to IRM systems to avoid information leaks that can cost millions and cause irreparable damage to a firm.

For those organizations who want to protect information they share on the internet and ensure unauthorized users cannot access it, looking for the right IRM (Information Rights Management) solution for their firm is a task that must be done.

These solutions help protect confidential information through encryption and by allowing users to assign permissions and to control in real time who can, and cannot, access the information. Even after having shared a document the user can take away permissions and prevent the user from accessing it.

IRM solutions enable you to decide what each person can do with a specific document: read it, read and edit it, print it or not, etc.

The use of IRMs enables businesses and individuals to control and monitor document use from anywhere they might be.

One of the companies offering one of the most innovative IRM solutions is from Spain. Free file encryption, it is Prot-On and they are already protecting more than 300,000 documents. Their solution is available for Android, Iphone, Mac and Windows and can be downloaded on