Now protect video and audio files

You can protect your video and audio files from mobile, tablet or computer

Protect videos
Now you can protect video and audio files just as you did with MS Office, PDFs and images. It’s easy. Just right click on the mouse and select protect or do it directly from the Prot-On icon on the menu bar! Try it and protect now your videos!

For Windows and Mac systems we are using VLC media player hence the supported types are those supported by the application. This represents the vast majority of formats for audio and video files.

For Android:
video: mp4, 3gp, 3gpp, webm
audio: 3gp, mp3, 3gpp, wav, m4a

For iOS:
video: mov, mp4, m4v
audio: mp3, wav, aiff, m4a, acc

Prot-On is the best tool for photographers, designers, musicians or workers in the film industry that want to ensure that only the right people can gain access to their information.

The early disclosure of their work can seriously harm their intellectual property. An information leak can come about at any time during the process of creating their works, thus rendering their efforts useless.