On-Premises Prot-On server

Do you need the Prot-On server to be installed on-premises?

You can now install the Prot-On server on-premise. We will provide it to you as a virtual machine for VMWARE or as an AMI from AmazonWebServices.

Our server is very easy to deploy and allows users from different Prot-On servers to easily interoperate: the encryption keys with which documents are protected will be stored on your private Prot-On server but you will be able to assign permissions to users registered on different Prot-On servers.

Integration with LDAP or Active Directory

Prot-On for Corporations now provides a facility to easily integrate with your corporate LDAP or Active Directory in order to manage user access and to be able to use already defined user groups.

Click here to learn more about protecting documents within an organization

Arquitecture Prot-On