I trust you, but not your computer

We send and share documents and images daily to people whom we trust completely.
But do we have the same trust in their PCs or mobile phones?

If we send a photo to a good friend, we are certain that they are not going to send it to anyone, however we don´t know if they have installed a good antivirus on their computer of or if they are sharing their entire hard drive with eMule. It is just that, in the digital world, trust in others is no longer just about them, it means we trust the hardware and systems they use. The people with whom we share content can:

  1. Lose their mobile containing our photographs
  2. Be using very “easy to guess” passwords in their email systems (Gmail, Yahoo or similar) which allows for other to easily go through their accounts without them knowing it and, thus, access information we might have exchanged with them
  3. Have such a huge security gaps in their computer that anyone on the internet can access their files (and thus the files we sent them)
  4. Upload by accident one of their folders on Dropbox (with our files in it)

To avoid this problem protect your documents with Prot-On and share them with your friends freely and confidently, always controlling who and what type of access is allowed.