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Home Users Professionals Enterprises
1 to 10 users
Unlimited Users
Features Free
0 €
8.25€ month (99€ year)
Small Business
150€ user/year
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Protect Files
Access protected documents
Track the activity of your files
Assign read and print permissions
Assign edit, copy and manage permissions
Protect and Manage Folders
Limit number of devices
Edit protected PDF files (Foxit Plugin for Windows)
Document Validity (Period of Time)
Offline Use
Manage users and documents within the organization
Create user groups with specific permissions (HR, Accounting…)
Reports by user, document, groups…(Export to CSV)
REST-API Integration
Autocad Document Protection
LDAP/Active Directory Integration
SaaS or On Premises
SharePoint, OwnCloud or Drupal Integration
Authorized Identity providers (Public and Private)
Key Recovery
Multi-domain Management
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