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  • Edit, Copy, Manage Permissions


  • Limit Devices


  • Plugin Foxit Reader


  • Watermark, Document validity, Use Offline


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Protect Folders

Protect Folders

Protect folders on your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, ownCloud…

Create folders and manage these Protonize Folders. All the content and the files dragged to them will be protected with the permissions you have predefined.

Edit, Copy and Management Permissions

Allows other users to edit, copy or manage your protected files.

Edit: permissions another user can modify a protected document while it remains protected and you retain control over it. Collaborative documents case word, excel, ppt…
Copy: permissions, other user can copy the content or a file.
Manage: permissions other user can manage the document.

Edit, copy permissions

Time Range Validity

Document validity

Define the time range when the document can be opened

The date and time when a protected document is accessible or not accesible to the recipients, wherever they are.

Limit the number of devices

Limit the number of devices that a recipient can access a document.

Limit the number of simultaneous devices that can access a protected document and limit the number of devices that a recipient can use to access a document. Avoid the possibility of identity sharing in your recipients.

Límite de dispositivos
Foxit Plugin

Edit Protected PDF

You can do annotations in protected files without losing the protection.

You can do Bookmarks, Highlights, Notes…etc in protected PDF files from Mac, Android, iOS. For Windows install Foxit Reader Plugin…

Access to protected files Offline

Grant access to protected documents without Internet connection for you and for other users.

Define the time, in hours, when a document can be accessed without Internet connection, if you need to access to the protected file from airplane or you have Internet connection problems.

Without Internet Connection


Add Watermarks

Add watermark when printing or viewing the document

Add watermarks with the text what you want to show, date, and username that opened the protected file…

Prot-On Search Engine

Your Prot-On user will be removed from Search Engine

You decide whether you want to be found on the Prot-On Search engine with your name and userid or not. If you deactive the option, you will only be found by your complete email address.

Búsqueda de usuarios

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