Prevent data leakage In Dropbox

Cheaper infrastructure and economies of scale found with the internet have allowed cloud based services to offer very interesting storage solutions that provide firms with significant savings in infrastructure and maintenance costs. A clear example of this is the service offered by Dropbox, increasingly used by both corporate and home users

The cloud offers us unlimited volumes of data storage and the ability to access our information anywhere and from any type of terminal.

But we have a problem: the uncertainty of knowing if our information is secure.

Just recently Dropbox suffered from an important security leak that they themselves recognize in their blog. These types of security issues are what cause companies to delay moving their infrastructures to the cloud and to miss out on the savings available to them with such a change.

Prot-On is the missing piece of the puzzle. In a very simple way to enhance information security, irregardless of where the data is stored. Specialized service providers provide storage, Prot-On provides the security. Two complementary services that when joined together provide an ideal solution for corporate and home users.

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