Prot-On, a technical solution to protect online books

Prot-On allows the author to protect and control access to his book and allows him to track it’s use.

He can see what permissions have been assigned to the reader (read only, print, copy,…) and track what the reader has done.

This first book to be protected with Prot-On, or “protonized”, was since 2 years. The book “Chess for mothers, fathers and teachers” by the Spanish author Julian Pérez Muñoz sold in three different formats: paper, ePub and as a “protonized” PDF file, and is available in the online store Escuela de Ajedrez online El Método en Ajedrez. Thanks to this innovative technological solution, the book is protected from pirated copies without having to pay royalties per copy sold to platforms such as Amazon or Apple.

“It is a revolution in the publishing world”

“Our solution represents a revolution in the publishing world. For the first time authors will be able to decide, at any time, who can read, print, or even copy their work, without having to pay any type of anti-piracy royalty. Prot-On is the easiest to use and lowest cost solution available to authors who want to protect the books they sell online” says Jose Rocillo, CEO of Protección On-Line.

How to protect and control books and tutorials

First, you must protect the file with your free Prot-On account.
– You have two ways to protect: protection online in Prot-On Drag´n Drop only Drag and Drop in your browser or download the application and select Prot-On > Protect File.

Protect Online Books

– Then, share in the cloud or upload it by FTP and share it with your recipients.

– A user who is not registered in Prot-On or a user who has not been assigned the correct permissions will never be able to access a protected document. Decide who can access your protected file, when and what for (only read, print, edit) and change permissions even after the file has been distributed.


– You have two options that will you greatly help:

Activity: At any time you can check to see what user, and when, has accessed your document.
Advanced Options: Other options such as; limit devices, document validity, watermarks, offline use etc…

Advanced Options

If you have questions about how to protect online books, write us!