Prot-On in the Mobile World Congress

At the global communications event, the Mobile World Congress, our company launched Prot-On, a new service for the Protection of Images and Documents on the Internet. This event attracts thousands of visitors yearly interested in information technology, entertainment, financial services and mobile industries and is a unique opportunity to present shared services and ideas for new business models. It starts on Monday February 27th and concludes on Thursday March 1, 2012.

Mobile phones today have gone far beyond being a simple communication device to become books, health screens, payment systems, a means to connect socially and also tour guides. Mobile technology is present in our cars, homes, appliances and governments. The mobile phone is enabling both an electronic information and education society and in this way is transforming the world. At the Mobile World Congress attendees can review the current status of the mobile phone industry and the future potential of it.

Visit us at our booth in the Spanish Pavilion CY25 to get more detail about our innovative service to Protect Images and Documents on the Internet.