Protect AutoCAD files

If you work with AutoCAD files, you have now a plugin for 2010-2013 versions available from Prot-On that allows you to protect and control access and usage.

AutoCAD files protection is the same way as any other document supported by Prot-On. You can protect .dwg and.dxf formats, but this becomes in .dwg

If you’re interested in protecting AutoCAD files, send us a message to

Proteger Autocad

Who can use AutoCAD’s plugin?

AutoCAD is a software application for 2D and 3D designs, it is used by architecture, interior design, shop fit-outs, construction, engineering professionals.
With AutoCAD´s plugin you can keep your designs under control. Protecting your AutoCad files will ensure that only those authorized to do so will be able to read, edit it. Also, you can set a window of validity for a document or a set of documents, at the end of the period set, no one will be able to access the documents. This time window can be changed at any time.