Protect files directly from Google Drive

Prot-On allows you to protect your files and manage file permissions without leaving Google Drive.

drive-largeYou can encrypt MS-Office documents, PDF, text, images directly from Google Drive by just choosing “open with Prot-On”. Once protected, if you open again the file, you can set up the permissions of the file to define who can access it and what can they do.

Prot-On on Google Drive video

Associate your Google Drive account with Prot-On and share from your desktop

Also, now you can protect your file with Prot-On and share directly the link to the protected document in Google Drive.

googledrive Prot-On
1. Protect your file
2. Select share
3. Select Google Drive from the dropdown and copy the link.
4. If you associate your Prot-On account with Google Drive, will send the file to the cloud directly and will have a link for share it.

Avoid that links to your documents can be redirected to third parties without your consent. You have control over your files wherever they are.