Prot-On, the first application to combat the misuse of Sexting

7% of Spanish minors claim to have received photographs of acquaintances in sexy poses. Now available for free for Android, Iphone, Windows and Mac.

Sexting is a phenomenon that is fashionable among teenagers. It consists of the publication of content of sensual kind, produced voluntarily by the sender on a mobile or other technological device.If the user does not protect the content, they lose control over itthe minute they share it, allowing it be forwarded to thousands of users and end up in the public domain.

In order to protect photographs on the internet, a requirement when faced with phenomena like sexting, Prot-On has designed a solution for all types of users that provides,for first time, the ability to protect and manage access to all files that users share online. With Prot-On the user decides who, how and when can access the documents or photos they share on the internet and can track the use of any copies of it.

The process is simple, pictures are shared between registered users in Prot-on, and when a picture is sent to another Prot-On user, the user gets notified that he has received a protected image. The owner of the picture will be able to track whenever he wants who has seen the picture. You can also manage photos by choosing the time period when the photo can be accessed and permissions can also be removed at any time Así mismo. Prot-On for mobile devices can be download for free in the Android and Iphone.

You can also protect any other type of document, even email text. Prot-On encrypts these files using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), an encryption algorithm based on blocks and used as an encryption standard by the United States Government.

In addition to allowing users to protect their photos and documents at any time and from any place, Prot-On also allows you to keep those files protected when other programs, for example the latest update of Dropbox, make automatic copies of these on your system. With Prot-On the user can be sure that nobody will be able to access their files even if a document is lost or is uploaded to a wrong folder.