Protect video and audio files with Prot-On

We have updated Prot-On with new functionality requested by our clients: the ability to protect and control video and audio files.

Now you can protect video and audio files just as you did with MS Office, PDFs and images. It’s easy. Just right click on the mouse and select “protect or do it directly from the Prot-On icon on the menu bar. Once the file is protected you define who can access it using the Prot-On Permission Manager which is accessible through any web browser.

It will list all the documents you have protected and you simply check the type of Access, or permissions, you want to assign to the user with whom you´ve shared the file. You will be able to change permissions and track file use at any time.

Protect videos

If you used Prot-On from Smartphone, you can record and share protected videos and voice notes directly from the Prot-On app and share it with your friends.

Protect videos

If you do not have Prot-On already installed download it here for Windows or Mac or here for Android or iPhone.