Secure and control the files you share on Dropbox

Prot-On is a software that allows you control the files you store on Dropbox. With it you can decide who, how, and when your trusted contacts can access them. The links that you share can only be accessed by the users that you authorize. You can also track document use.

It´s very easy to use, just download the application and register, it is free. After installing the app you can protect file and share them directly with your Dropbox account connecting both accounts. You will be provided with a link that you can send to anyone, for example:


You can change the permissions whenever you want from your permission panel, even after you’ve distributed the files. A user who is not registered in Prot-On or a user who has not been given the correct permissions will not be able to access, print or copy a protected document. You have the remote control to decide who and when your content can be accessed.


If you upgrade your Prot-On account to premium you can protect folders with the permissions you have predefined.
You can add any documents to this folder and they will automatically be protected and assigned the permissions associated with the folder. You can also change the permissions to this type of folders whenever you want.

In this video (1 minute ) you can watch how the product works.

Prot-On is the perfect software if you don´t want to lose control of your files. You can protect MS-Office, PDF, images, video or audio file etc… You can use Prot-On from any device: Android, iOS, Windows y Mac.…

Specialized media recommend Prot-On as the ideal security complement to Dropbox.