Share and assign permissions with just one click

Prot-On has added a new feature to make it easier for you to decide what to do after protecting a file, right after protecting a document a window appears with the options you can select for your next step.

Windows Protect File

– If you click on the icon to manage document permissions, a browser window will open and, once you´ve logged in, you go straight to the permissions management panel in order to assign read, print, edit,.. permissions to the document.

– If you click on the icon to share a link, a drop-down menu opens where you can upload your file directly to Dropbox, Box or OwnCloud and then copy the link and share it any way you want. You can also chose to send the attachment by mail and, with images, you can chose to share them directly with other Prot-On users.

– if you close this window because you don´t want to do more at that point, then you can retrieve selecting a protected file right mouse button to click to share or manage document permissions.

Windows share

* If you prefer the new screen not appear when you protect documents you can go to the “Preferences” menu and from the “General” tab select to remove the option to “show sharing dialog after protect”.