The beginning of Prot-On

Today we have fulfilled an important milestone in our project to make available to all Internet users a tool to help them protect their privacy. After two years of development, and a test period available by registration through invitation, we just opened the Prot-On service to all users. Our aim is as ambitious as our conviction that we are going to achieve it: Become the standard de facto solution to protect information that is shared on the Internet..

From here I want to thank the entire Prot-On team, not only their great professional effort, but, above all, for their great human value. They have achieved an exceptional product, and every day we share the illusion of working on something very big.

Prot-On has just gotten started and there are many ideas already in our road map waiting to be implemented. We promise to not stop surprising you with new functionality.

Óscar Maire-Richard
CEO Prot-On

Do you want to learn more about Prot-On? Click here and start to protect your documents.