What is Prot-On?

Prot-On is an applicacion that allows you to protect the files you share on the Internet and decide who, when and how can access them.
Share your files through any channel you want, by email, with a USB device, uploading to the cloud… If you change your mind you can take away access to any of the protected copies wherever they are.

Protect your File

Protect your file (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT…), texts, video files, audio files, images, AutoCAD, Photoshop files…


Control access

Decide who, when and how (read, print, edit…) someone can access the protected files, wherever they are.


Track document use

At any time you can check the activity log to see who has been accessing any copy of your document.

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Why use Prot-On?

Prot-On Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions about how to use Prot-On

Access to Prot-On FAQ

Download Prot-On

You can use Prot-On online but download it for free if you want to unleash the full potential of Prot-On

  • More Formats: Protect and play video and audio files and Folders
  • MS-Office, Foxit Reader, Firefox and Google Drive Integration…
  • Edit a protected document while it remains protected
  • Offline Use

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