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What´s New in Prot-On

Date Release Version Updates
17 February /17 serverAndroid Version 2.9.4 – Support to new Prot-On file formats with “proton-*” extension.
– Fix zoom bugs
– Open protected MS-Office files.
17 November /16 serverProt-On Client 1.7.2 – Speeding up file encryption and decryption, improving the processing of heavy files.
– Improving performance on protonized folder management.
– Optimization of Prot-On configuration files processing.
– Allow the user to disable the file size limit.
– Fixing some issues concerning the file path limit in Windows devices.
– Fixing some issues with Circle of trust and Group of domain processing.
– Fixing some issues about remote protonized folders management.
– Fixing minor issues with cloud providers sharing.
– Fixing minor issues with file extensions in uppercase.
– Changes in folder protonization to prevent memory management errors.
– Code security improvements in Prot-On client and Prot-On Viewer
25 October /16 serverProt-On Server 1.21.0 – Improvement of the server support role.
– Register iframe updated.
– Bug LDAP login.
– Bug Paypal when recovering users.
– Bug when creating a document.
– New analytics code.
– Error when login with duplicate accounts.
– Duplicated domain group in permission manager.
19 August /16 serverProt-On Client 1.7.1 – New .proton extension with which it is possible to protect all types of files
– Updating screen capture protection
– New OpenSSL version
– New PDF template
– New EULA
– Fixed some bugs in the watermark
– Watermark options implemented in OSX pdf Viewer.
18 August /16 icon outlookMS-Outlook 1.2.1 – – Adding support to the new .proton file extension
Prot-On MSOffice Addin 1.2.35 (20160511)
– Code signing certificate update.
17 August /16 serverProt-On Server 1.20.0 – Paypal implementation
– Other minor bugs fixed
01 July /16 icon-iosiOS 1.17 – Fix minor bugs
– Add watermarks
25 April /16 icon-iosiOS 1.16 – Compatibility issues with newer iOS versions
22 April /16 serverProt-On Client 1.6.11 – Add watermarks
– New design advanced preferences in Protonized Folder
– Fix Open Protected Ms Office in Windows 10
2 March /16 serverProt-On Client 1.6.10 – Uninstalling languages issue fixed
– Simplify the dialog when sharing a protonized file
– Offline-time bug in protonized documents fixed
– Improvement in protonized folders managing
– New PDF theme
icon outlookMS-Outlook 1.1.9 – Portuguese dialogs fixed

18 February /16 serverProt-On Server 1.17.0 – New location and opacity watermark
– Delete users in groups
– Upgrade to Premium without invoice
13 January /16 icon-iosiOS 1.15.9 – Compatibility issues with newer iOS versions
15 November /15 icon-officeMSOffice Addin 1.2.34 – Added support for Office 2016
foxit-pdf-readerFoxit Reader Add-In – Fix bug checking the availability of Foxit Software

httpProt-On Server 1.16.0 – Renewal URL for partners implemented
– New service add member to groups
– Invitations with attachments without adding permissions implemented
– Services to be activated automatically with premium activation implemented
16 September /15 httpProt-On Client 1.6.9 – Improved performance managing protonized folders
– Max. devices and simultaneous opening limitation
– Added support to work and view files with unicode name
– Added support to Adobe Photoshop formats
– PDF virtual printing disabled to prevent unauthorized copying
– Improved UX sharing using Owncloud

icon-officeMSOffice Addin 1.2.33 – Fixed bug when saving a document previously saved
– Improvement to avoid screen capture without copy permission

foxit-pdf-readerFoxit Reader Add-In 1.0.2 – Fixed bug protecting documents with unicode filenames
– Fixed bug opening a protonized document without having Prot-On installed
– Fixed bug protecting a document without having Prot-On installed
– Fixed bug protecting a document not previously saved
– Disabled stamp and sign features when read-only document is opened
– Fixed bug showing the filename when checking permissions

httpProt-On Server 1.15.0 – Preaccounts and domain users now are migrated to LDAP automatically
– Specific error when an error is deleted
– Included a custom code for invitations with attachments
– Error while activating LDAP accounts fixed
6 May 2015 httpProt-On Client 1.6.8 – Improved performance of protonized folders
– Fixed protonized folders issues for large latency environments
– New PDF viewer for MAC OSX
– Foxit PDF Reader plugin support

icon-officeMSOffice Addin 1.2.31 – Fixed bug opening excel files

foxit-pdf-readerFoxit Reader Add-In 1.0.0 – New plugin for Foxit Reader and Phantom PDF.

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